a new beginning

Thought I’d set up a quickie wordpress blog and see how it goes. Curious as to how much it aids blogging compared with my handcoded efforts which have become rather erratic in the last year or two.

2 thoughts on “a new beginning

  1. I’d seriously recommend that you try Windows Live Writer. It makes whipping up a post easy-as with a button in IE7 to “blog this page” or right click in the Firefox view area to “blog this page”.

    Links automaticaly inserted into the post – Add your content, including images (not just URLs, but actual images), check boxes to assign categories and one click to publish.

  2. Thanks Peta. This is already way faster than previous incarnations and I like the sound of WLW too. I suppose one of the things this means is that I can begin to forget about the apparatus and focus on the content whereas at the moment I’m caught between the two.

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