experiment: day 2

I’m barely 24 hours into blogging via wordpress and already I’m finding it way easier to simply add content. No dramas: click a bookmark, add content, and hit publish. Sweet. The old version is something along the lines of:

  1. plug in usb stick
  2. get current month’s page
  3. copy blog template and update dates and links
  4. add content
  5. get rss feed code page
  6. copy blog entry into feed
  7. ftp both pages to site

Phew! Now try all that while live blogging a talk or conference. I’ve learnt a lot of useful stuff via handcoding: how CSS works, the delights of converting from table based to CSS, basic XML, and a few other bits and pieces. Now I want to learn other things, play with widgets, have a comments section, drop in fun stuff and who knows what else.

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