the back

Given my back pains of last week, I have been trying to keep away from the computer as much as possible. Additionally I sought my GP’s advice last week. Most of my computer workspaces are ok, though I’ve been a little slack in recent times, particularly with regard to sitting upright and facing the computer directly. I’ve made a few changes, though I’m waiting for a new chair at work, plus the GP recommended I take up Pilates. My back, while not 100%, is substantially improved over the agony of last week. Interestingly, while I was at the GP, I finally got to see the results of the spinal x-rays I had done in April (never quite got round to getting the verdict). I’d had a nasty fall down some steps in Northern Greece leaving me with a rather sore upper back. That’s all good now but the April x-rays revealed:

“There is anterior loss in height of an upper thoraic vertebral body, approximately T4. There is also a sclerotic line traversing the upper body of this vertabra, and the findings suggest an impacted mild compression fracture, probably involving the superior endplates.”

My doctor thinks that will have healed properly of its own accord; my description of the pain lessening over a couple of months and disappearing altogether, was consistent with healing expectations for this sort of injury. I’m sorta glad I didn’t get the verdict at the time, but wish I had, in case it had been more serious.

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