hunting the codex

Hmmmm…it appears the Codex Seraphinianus is no longer publically viewable on flickr. Unsurprising as that would have been a flagrant disregard for copyright.

One thing I hate about some online retailers is that it’s sometimes hard to find out the shipping cost until after you’ve entered your credit card information. Many sites will have shipping guides somewhere though it gets trickier when dealing in a language you don’t know. I did discover a place online that was selling the 2006 edition for 75 euros but on clicking through discovered they wanted to charge 44 euros for shipping for a total of around AUD$200. I think I managed to cancel that order in time, with lots of flicking back and forth between the site and babelfish. I’ve since found it via another retailer (with an english display) and looking forward to seeing the book arrive in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “hunting the codex

  1. The CODEX is a great story, fun to read about. I first read an article about it in BELIEVER magazine and was intrigued. The secret language, mysterious author. As a bibliophile, I find this fascinating…

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