looking for a coconut bra

In a few days, in the middle of APEC weekend, I fly to NZ. For the first time in a couple of years I get to go to the NZ library conference, LIANZA. I’m looking forward to it for a whole bunch of reasons, partly I regard it as one of the best library conferences in this region, and this time one of my favourite technical folk, Roy Tennant, is giving a keynote. I’ve known of him primarily via his contributions and moderation of the elist, Web4Lib, which I’ve been on for many years now (I think I’ve only posted once :-). This year, the conference is in Rotorua, and the conference dinner theme requires:

  • a grass skirt
  • a tropical shirt
  • coconut bra
  • jandals

I will do my best to hide any photos from public view.

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