back on deck

Normal service will resume shortly. I arrived home from NZ last Thursday and drove to Melbourne on Friday, driving back on Monday. Needless to say I remain somewhat exhausted and barely catching up. Life itself continues to keep me somewhat occupied. Codex had arrived and is now in my possession. When at my girlfriend’s place, we decided to keep her ILLed Codex (US 1983 edition) and mine (Italy 2006 edition) in separate rooms lest the meeting of the 2 books resulted in eddies in the space time continuum. I know not how many copies are in Australia but suspect it is few, though there are at least 3 copies held by Australian libraries. Of course, once one embarks on such a journey, it is hard to stop at one, or even two. I’m now exploring the idea of setting up a shelf of my own devoted to similar sorts of tomes, some based on the real, and some on the imaginary including:

among other things. Other things that I’d like to own copies of include the Voynich Manuscript and the Archimedes Palimpset. No doubt there will be more to add to the list.

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