While following links on words and dictionaries, I should point out that this is not an area I work in, nor a lexicographer of any sort, not even a neophyte, in such matters. I simply have a love of words and enjoy watching them used and watch others researching their history. I am a voyeur of words..though that doesn’t sound quite right. With that said, I am on the lookout for a new dictionary, alas no matter how I slice and dice, the full OED in print is out of my reach. As noted in the previous comment, there is a new edition of the Shorter Oxford out, the 6th. It had an August release in the US and is due here in December. There are 2 versions that interest me: the standard and the leather bound. I love books in leather. According to the Australian OUP site, the leather edition will be a massive $1,000! Doing a bit of searching I can get the US leather edition for US$220 (+pp), while via a local site, I can acquire it for Oz$560 (free delivery) which also seems to be the US edition. It’s a bit staggering really, I can wait til December and pay lots of dosh to get it locally, or I can order it now, get it from the US in a couple of weeks, and pay relatively little. The Oz$ is currently buying around 86 US cents too which only increases the temptation. I reckon I’d end up paying around around Oz $260-270 altogether which is still a lot of money I’d need to consider. At Oz $1,000, there’s nothing to think about, it simply ain’t happening. It should be said that the non leather edition is much, much cheaper at US $110 though I admit some confusion as to why, on Amazon at least, the leather has 807 pages and the non leather has 3,888. I’m hoping the former is a typo.

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