the devil is in the detail

After some hunting about, I’ve come across references to what is regarded as the largest medieval manuscript in the world, the Codex Gigas. It’s owned by Sweden, who plundered it from Prague in 1648 and have recently allowed its return to Prague for an exhibition. Now that it’s been digitised I am curious as to whether there are plans to re-publish it. Though I suspect the delivery costs would be painful, the original weighs around 75kg, I would love a copy of my own.

I found out about this as a result of the sort of hyperactive jumping around I so love about the web. I’d initially read Michael Stephen’s post about visiting Oz in my aggregator, I was a bit behind until a friend mentioned it at a meeting last night. I then jumped to the post itself to see who had commented, and checked the blog of one of the commenters, who in turn had mentioned the Gigas in a piece about banned books. Upon searching for more information on the Gigas, I found, via the Wikipedia article, that it was moved back to Prague last week.

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