another birthday

Oct 6 represents another anniversary for my blog. Bugger, at some point during the week I became convinced that Oct 6 was the correct date, now realise that it is of course Oct 4. I’ve rearranged things and my girlfriend has been very supportive as I’ve tried to squeeze in a little blogging time for the occasion. Except now I realise, late on the 6th, that I missed it by a couple of days.

That aside, I’m happy to say that there still seems to be a bit of life and my blogging has picked up at last. It sort of teetered and came close to toppling the last couple of years but the move to proper blogging software has been sufficient to breathe new life into it. Once more the focus has returned to why I started blogging originally, that is to write. It was one of several things I started in order to create outlets and sandpits to play with my writing and hopefully write actually words and sentences. It remains my primary writing outlet and the only thing still going. Been pondering a little just when to celebrate the anniversary (the above mixup not withstanding), given the recent change from handcoding to wordpress. Plus I’ve done some hunting on the wayback machine and found one of the earlier versions of my blog. That particular version started on Jan 31, 2001 and died later that year; the odd posting or two suggest an even earlier version. However my current blog, started on Oct 4, 2002 seems to be when I hit my stride and managed to create something that kept on going, it shall be the one I continue to remember and honour.

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