a book fair and a sack

The annual Frankfurt Book Fair is over for another year, while waiting for the Man Booker prize to be announced I went looking to see if any interesting books attracted attention. While reading The Guardian’s take, I happened upon mention of an intriguing work from Georgia,

 “And then she shows me a copy of Morchiladze’s Santa Esperanza and it’s a wonderfully inventive thing – a tiny explorer’s sack containing 36 booklets and a map of a fantasy island in the Black Sea ‘which is populated by Georgians, Turks, Italians and British’.”

Upon searching further, I found an interview with the author, and a place selling the German translation. German however, is the only language into which it has been translated. It looks lovely and I daresay would sit well on my shelves, though I am unsure as to how many books I want that I can’t read :)

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