reading or not

Despite having several posts in my head these last few days, all begging to be let out and blogged, here I am responding to a post by Con on unfinished books. I’ve returned to bookbuying with a vengeance this year, and while my reading rate has picked up again (at long last!), there’s still the occasional hiccup. I think I have far too many books “in progress”, some of which I may finish, some I may not. Some books are browsing books which I dip into from time to time, like the Codex, the Shorter Oxford, and the da Vinci. Other books are waiting to be read, and others are in various states of hmmm…what’s a good word here, I’ve already used progress, I could say something like “…others are underway to varying degrees” but that sounds a little wordy. Oh well, some of these include: a book on search for the perfect dram (2/3 done), Stephenson’s Quicksilver (1/2 done), McEwan’s On Chesil Beach (a small book I’ve barely begun), Winchester’s The Meaning of Everything (recently commenced and part of my current predilection with dictionaries), Imagined Corners (I suspect this will be more of a dipping book, or at least I’ll treat it as such). Like Con, I’m only chapters into Weinberger’s Everything is Miscellaneous and Crawford’s Balanced Libraries. One book I’m very keen to finish is the new Terry Dowling, Rynemonn, published a few weeks ago. Returning to the world of Tom Rynosseros, I’ve read most of it, and find Dowling’s writing just seems to hit the spot. Once finished, I’ll return to Quicksilver, as it’s been good so far and I’d like to read the 2nd and 3rd in its trilogy. Currently resisting temptation to start on Night Watch, though the books have recently appeared locally and in english. I am yet to watch the movie versions and as I have the first on DVD, I think I might be better waiting til I’ve read the book before I watch it.

While the above suggests I need to be more proactive in my reading so that more books are finished, this is actually typical of my reading life and has always been the case. Finishing the occasional book is nice but so too is reading the book I’m in the mood to read. That mood changes and with it my taste, sometimes I’m in the mood for fiction or non fiction, sometimes vampires, sometimes history. Sometimes I’m in the mood but can’t get to the book; sometimes I spend too much time on the computer, when I should be reading instead.

4 thoughts on “reading or not

  1. I think I’ve told you before, but if not, I really like your blog. Your subject matter is very tantalizing. And I’m comforted by the fact that I’m not the only one who starts many books, maybe to finish them, maybe not.

  2. Hey – I am so like you! I have about 5 books on the go at the minute and like Steve, I will maybe finish them, maybe not!

  3. I had an interesting conversation in a lolly shop yesterday. The assistant said working in the shop was bad as she couldn’t stop buying the goods. I responded that I used to work in a book shop and had the same problem. I should have added that I’m now a librarian so I can borrow lots of books for free…except that I keep buying books too :-)

  4. Here I am, about 2 and a half years later and I can say that I have finished Rynemonn and Night Watch. The first I think I read shortly after this post and the latter a couple of months ago. On Chesil Beach is a short read and I’ve made a couple of attempts at it, getting about halfway through. I like it, but I never quite get back to it once I put it down. I have at least read lots of other books and am into double figures for this year though have slowed of late.

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