oh bugger!

I have found out, in the last few minutes, that a new version of one my favourtist movies of all time was screening in Sydney. 4 screenings. The fourth, and last, commenced about an hour ago. The movie:

Blade Runner: The Final Cut

Aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am, even now, considering the purchase of the briefcase, ultimate blah blah blah, edition, if only because it seems to be exhaustive, and is now, IIRC, $30-40 cheaper than a few months ago. It’s currently retailing for AUD$150 and I was sure it was around $180-190 previously. No doubt the strength of the aussie dollar against the greenback has played a part, if that’s the case. Whereas the 5 disc version, without the briefcase, is $60 cheaper at $90. Not as big a difference as my initial impression; my memory is probably failing but I don’t think the price for the standard 5 disc version has changed. Whereas the 2 disc variety, containing the new version and other bits, is around $25. There is no argument, I want the 5 disc version. It is Blade Runner afterall. It’s really a question of whether I want the additional trinkets, or am happy with just the dvds. I’m not a big trinket fan, but seriously considering making an exception this time round. Trinkets include:

  • a briefcase (not fussed, will gather dust)
  • lenticular motion film clip from the original feature (sounds cool)
  • miniature origami unicorn figurine (sweet but hmmm)
  • miniature replica spinner car (nice)
  • collector’s photographs (could be cool and look good on the wall, maybe)
  • signed personal letter from Sir Ridley Scott (ho hum, not big on autographs unless I get them in person and even then, not really my scene these days)

Either way, it’s the movie for me. I’m a big fan of the director’s cut, at least in part because I saw it first. With exceptions, fans tend to prefer whichever version they saw first. When the original came out, I really wanted to see it, but missed. Instead dad bought me the book, Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” which blew me away. The film is one of those rare beasts that managed to capture the essence of the book, though it omitted much of the detail. The book inspired for me a love of Philip K. Dick’s work, of which I read several, including some of his best. That in turn led me to Stanislaw Lem, another of my favourite SF writers (though Lem, nor Dick really, is not someone you can restrict to a particular genre though they often wrote within one).

2 thoughts on “oh bugger!

  1. I’m a huge fan of Philip K. Dick too–but in terms of “Blade Runner”, I wonder how many director’s cuts and definitive cuts, etc. it will take before the producers have milked fans sufficiently dry. I finally got a chance to see Richard Linklater’s adaptation of “A Scanner Darkly” and thought it was the best, truest representation of Dickworld ever committed to the silver screen. Even Keanu Reeves couldn’t ruin it (and that’s saying something). There’s a terrific blog on all things Dick run by a chap in California. Here’s the address, drop by and have a look some time:


    Great post, keep writing ’em…

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