theme change

Just playing around with the general look. As much as I liked the minimalism of the previous theme, the font size of the date was larger than I’d like. The trick is to find a 2 column display that is:

  • simple
  • clean
  • 2 columns: posts on the left, index stuff on the right
  • displays all relevant info for post: comments, tags, date
  • looks ok on fullscreen and 2/3 screen (my usual browser size)

On that last note, I tend to use 2/3 of my screen (left to right) for the browser and the right hand third to display email (column style). This is particularly handy for my work environment, plus I’ve never been fond of applications that take up the entire screen. One annoyance of wordpress is that in order to write a new post, I have to maximise the browser window otherwise the options overlap. I like the look of the new theme, mostly, though, as is often the case, I can only “see” half of the right hand column; I can however, see another to be useful. There were a couple of 2 column options that were fluid to the extent that the entire blog was displayed in my reduced browser window, alas they didn’t quite grab me, or lacked some other element. I think I’d still prefer a theme that displays the date at the top of each post. Will mull on it some more.

5 thoughts on “theme change

  1. Yeah, I sorta like it, though a possible downer, is that it’s not clear where the links are. These days I’m sort of the opinion that the text should stand alone, with links being a sort of footnote to follow if you notice them. Of course, I’m not necessarily writing with that in mind and am aware of how annoying it can be.

  2. well, it’s very steampunk. I would prefer link to be more visible though, perhaps they could be copperplate to enhance the steampunk theme???

  3. Sounds good, unfortunately as I have the “free” version, I’m unable to modify the code to change colours and such, or at least as near as I can tell. I will eventually get round to setting up my own server space and hosting a wordpress install of my own. At which point, I’ll have a lot more freedom to modify stuff. Until then, I’m stuck with the basics.

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