yet another ebook reader

There’s been various discussions of late about Amazon’s new ebook reader, the kindle, in the biblioblogosphere. Reactions have been mixed and the most pertinent criticism has been that US$400 price is way over the top. While it’s unlikely that the kindle will be available locally for some time to come, Dymocks, and others, have recently launched the iLiad, and charging folk a shade under $900 for it. Like the kindle, it’s light and looks like it has a good display. At an initial glance, it doesn’t have the same connectivity possibilities as the kindle but is friendlier to various tech including usb sticks. Plus it doubles as a writer, which I don’t think the kindle can do. I’ve not played with either device but am curious to see them in action. However given the prices of each, I’m very unlikely to buy either.

2 thoughts on “yet another ebook reader

  1. geez, for that price forget it. your new toy is much better. mind you, if the screen rotated like the flybook’s did, it would be even better.

  2. A friend has a flybook. I was so tempted to buy one when they came out but just couldn’t bring myself to part with the moolah.

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