blade runner

Okey doke, it’s out, The DVDs were due for release today and I was able to secure the 5 disc set in JB Hifi on Tuesday. JB had the best prices I’ve come across, factoring in at $80 (RRP $90) for the standard 5 disc set and $120 (RRP $150) for the limited briefcase edition. Given that the latter was $30 cheaper than I’d anticipated, I was rather tempted. I decided to stick with the standard 5 disc version as I reckon the briefcase would have ended up gathering dust. JB were also selling the single disc version which just has “The Final Cut” for $20. This being the version that Ridley Scott ultimately prefers and has worked toward.

2 thoughts on “blade runner

  1. The latest “final cut” of “Blade Runner”–but isn’t this a bit excessive (5 disks)? I mean, I liked the film a lot but I’m afraid these completists and rabid fans are just getting milked of their money. How many versions of “Star Wars” or “Pirates of the Caribbean” or _____ (whatever) will we have to put up with in the coming years? All featuring “bonus material” or “never before seen footage” and “deleted scenes” (gasp!). Hollywood knows a good thing when they see it…

  2. I avoid most special editions but make an exception for Blade Runner. It was an important movie for me growing up. I read the book when the original edition was released and I didn’t see the movie until the director’s cut was released. Have seen it many times on the big screen since.

    I’m after both a decent print of the director’s cut (which was out of print for a couple of years but now available again), curious what the final cut is like and want to see the workprint. The rest I can take or leave. I only bought Star Wars on DVD when I could get the “Han shoots first” version, and then only the original trilogy. Pirates I got the first one cheap (3 disc SE funnily enough), and haven’t bothered with the others. I think the main other special edition I have is the Criterion edition of Solaris, directed by Tarkovsky. Have occasionally been tempted to get the SE of Brazil too. For anything else, just the movie is fine and I don’t bother with extras.

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