It’s not normally my wont to follow sport in any size or shape. While in Melbourne recently visiting my girlfriend’s parents, I watched a bit of cricket, and am continuing to try and maintain a passing interest. It goes against type I know, but in the sense of trying something different, or thinking outside my usual patterns, it might be worth continuing with. While I admit my grasp of the game may leave something to be desired, I was somewhat confused to read that a batter, Symonds, admitted that he was actually out when the umpire declared him not out. He knew he was out at the time, acknowledged in public, after the conclusion of the day’s play, that he was out, yet didn’t walk off the field. That he went on to score an additional hundred or so runs suggests that if Oz does win this test, the victory will be rather hollow.

1 thought on “krikkit

  1. I never thought I’d read about sport on this blog. How the times change.

    There was a day when a batsman would just start walking, once they knew they were out. I guess the game is too commercial now.

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