dead computers

Well some dead, some empty, some old. Been clearing up stuff again and been visibly reminded that I have a chunk of old computer gear I need to get rid of. There’s a chunk I’m keeping too but a full height empty tower and a 19″ CRT (that I bought cheap from a mate and never ended up using) are just taking up space, plus a dead half height tower, a maybe working half height tower, all being many years old, and other bits. Hmmm then there’s the stuff I’ve never used but would sorta like to keep including an old HP-UX box (pizza box sized), a green screen terminal, I think there’s an old Sun SPARCstation there too, plus a couple of my old amigas, and my first computer, the System 80.

I had considered taking them to Reverse Garbage as I recall seeing a chunk of old computers and will still do so if I can, need to call them to check. I’ve just been reading about attempts for a national recycling scheme and am somewhat disheartened. I’d like to get rid of my gear and in a responsible fashion. Hell, I’m even willing to pay a little if it means it’s not going to end up as landfill.

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