almost there

I haven’t added the updated NFS modules to my eee yet however I have been playing around with options for mounting the SD card. Said options were successful which means I can insert a line

sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb1 /media/sd_card -o defaults,umask=0

into the startup config file (not sure where that is yet) and that will mean that the SD card will be active every time I start up and importantly, I’ll be able to write to it without going into the linux superuser mode. The “umask=0” bit allows regular folk to create/delete/write. At the moment, all I have to do is enter the sudo… line at the command prompt and hit enter. Though I’m also wondering if “vfat” is the right setting as my SD’s file system is FAT16 whereas the one used in the guide was FAT32. Regardless, it works as is. It may well be the case that I don’t need to install the new NFS module now. According to Niel1952, it may be enough to disable the device detection script (to prevent the file manager from opening on startup when it detects the SD). I think that combined with mounting the SD on boot will mean all the mods I want to do (for the short term at least) will be complete and I can start using the eee properly…well ok, I’ll still play some :)

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