exploring the archive

Been slowly catching up on work stuff, personal stuff and blog stuff. Somehow or other I got distracted last night in the blog stuff by ending up at a spot, I think via a comment on Walt Crawford’s blog, that mentioned an article on the idea of the digital archive as genre. It sort of piqued my interest, not sure yet where this will lead but the article sounds interesting. The company I work for does a nice line in digital archives and they’re an area I always feel I’m under utilising. Plus I’m curious as to how others approach the idea of such archives, I’m well aware of their value for research, particularly as they reduce the need to fly all over the world to view significant texts. Personally, I would happily fly all over the world doing such :-) My partner has managed to source the article in question, as well as the responses plus the odd other paper that may be of interest. A preliminary scan suggests there is much to ponder and I look forward to reading it and associated pieces. Hopefully I’ll be able to comment further at a later date.

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