scripting the eee

Oops, had planned an early tonight…and failed. Got the bug again today to get back to modding my eee. I decided it was time to learn how to automount the sd card, which is no longer recognised on startup though I have a script to mount it once the system is running. I had thought previously that the loss of automounting SDs had been a side effect of installing the new kernel to recognise the 2gig of RAM. Turns out this behaviour is the result of disabling the double boot ie when I initially enabled advanced mode, it would take longer to boot as it would start to boot easy mode, then jump into advance mode. I found a hack for removing the easy boot altogether and it now boots straight to advance mode. However there is something in that double boot that detects the presence of the SD card and mounts it. Removing the double boot, removed that option.

The instructions for enabling a proper automount on startup for the SD looked a little longwinded for my current level of knowledge or rather, I’m still not quite game to have a serious play with scripts that may result in my having to do a system restore. Yes, I’m a wimp :-) Tonight however I found a page for running scripts on startup and it was a matter of copying my SD mount script, adding a header to it, and saving it to KDE’s Autostart directory. Very easy and worked first go.

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