I’m keeping a close eye on storage prices at the moment. Noticed on the weekend that Harvey Norman had a 1 terabyte drive on sale for $348! Personally, I’m not buying one until I can get it in pocket size for under $100. Speaking of which, according to the Officeworks website (can’t seem to link directly to item), they have a Western Digital 120G pocket size drive (in a few colours) for $99 at the moment. The other area I’m keeping a close eye on is the SD, or rather SDHC, market as this is what I’m using for additional storage on my eee. I currently have a 2G SD card (they’re so small, calling them a card sounds wrong) installed; however it’s been announced that 32G versions are coming on to the market in a few months, at least one of which will be around the US$350 mark. That’s 32G on a card that fits in to your basic digital camera. Likewise I won’t bother being an early adopter (the 2G is fine for now) but will be tempted when these drop to much cheaper prices.

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