executing executives

I usually keep an eye on jobs in my field, aka library stuff, just in case something really cool pops up. Today, something interesting popped up, though I wouldn’t necessarily call it cool:


…someone is looking for an execution consultant…wonder if it involves relocating to Texas. Interestingly if you read further down:


An Execution Consultant will “…manage the entire recruitment process to successful conclusion.” Now I’m scared. Although, it sounds like the position relates to growth, rather than..hmmm…the opposite of growth…so perhaps there’s a counter intuitive explanation for hiring an execution consultant during a time of expansion. Or more likely, it’s just a case of poor proofreading…afterall it’s not the sort of error a spellchecker is going to pick up.

3 thoughts on “executing executives

  1. Ya know, I reckon it’s the sort of job, I’d do for nothing :-) Speaking of which, aren’t you executive material…?

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