words at home

While noting that the leather Shorter is even cheaper at the moment (now 40% off),  it was nice to read Michael Duffy’s piece on the continuing project devoted to the Dictionary of Sydney. The City Historian, Shirley Fitzgerald, decided after consultation, that such a project should be done digitally, rather than solely in book format. It started in digital format, has seed funding and support from various folk, and is gathering steam. While recognising the need for expert opinion, they are also keen to encourage Sydneysiders to contribute…perhaps I can squeeze in my old man‘s efforts, particularly his thesis on public housing [pdf, 7.5Mb]. As part of the Dictionary’s plans, the Sydney journal has been launched, “…a peer reviewed journal of historical writing about Sydney…”. Somehow I suspect, this is one dictionary I’ll struggle to get in leather, although given the history of parts of Sydney, I’d best be careful in what I wish for.

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