a touch of hmmm…

I’ve been doing some reading of late, having quickly demolished Winton’s Breath (mmm), I’ve moved on to what is turning out to be a curious read: “My Reading Life: Adventures in the World of Books” by former NSW Premier, Bob Carr. In one sense I s’pose, it’s Bob bragging about all the books he’s read, but really it’s not that at all. What it is, is a guide to books Bob regards as important and how to read them. He includes plenty of quotes and background information; it’s proving to be a relaxed, engaging read. Also useful to keep online access nearby to seek out some of the references. Having read his comments on Orwell, I searched for one of the essays, “Politics and the English Language“, and found a Russian based site that seems to have fulltext of all of Orwell’s works, books included. I’m but a few chapters into Carr’s book but am liking the flow and his opinions, both on the content and the best ways to approach them. He writes with an easy expression; approachable without getting bogged down.

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