returning shortleee

Filmfest is over for another year and was generally good this time round, clocking in as my 16th festival, almost feeling like an old hand. Will hopefully post a list of my favourite films in the next few days.

Also noticed that reviews for the new eee (the 901 as opposed to the 900) are appearing and it’s looking very good. Alas it’s slightly heavier (by 180g) than my current eee and a little too pricy (current guestimate is AU$649) for a “wanna buy it now” type purchase. Will see if the price drops later, especially as other players in the market appear (eg the Wind and Acer’s One). Still it looks promising, the fabled Atom chip is returning impressive figures for battery life and the screen resolution is much, much better than the 701. If the price drops I’ll be very tempted. With that said, I’ve been very happy with the 701 eee and will be trying out some new wireless drivers in the next few days to see if that fixes my connectivity problem.

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