firefox extension update

I’m still waiting for some of my extensions to migrate to Firefox 3, particularly my work VPN plugin so I can use linux when out of the office, or using my eee. However, one of the essentials for day to day work is Copy Plain Text and it hasn’t been updated in a year or two. I was hoping it might just be a matter of upping the version number of the file, which I’d done with another extension when I upgraded to Firefox 2. There weren’t instructions for actually performing the update; hunting a little further, I found some instructions on What I Learned Today, which I’ve modified a little here to produce:

  1. download extension to desktop
  2. open with archive program (eg winzip or winrar)
  3. copy install.rdf to desktop and open in editor
  4. up the value specified for em:maxVersion (I set it to 3.1)
  5. copy back to extension archive
  6. open archive with Firefox

So far so good. It seems to work as expected and I’ve not encountered any problems as yet. This is the sort of thing to use with caution and there’s a few extensions I wouldn’t attempt to modify. In this instance I had tried another plain text extension but it didn’t remove trailing spaces.

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