running around

Conference season seems to be looming though some folk are rushing ahead. There’s a few conferences in local circles coming around such as NLS4, ALIA, LIANZA, and even an unconference or two. A few too many for anyone in their right mind to attend all of though it is good to make one or two. It was interesting to read of strategies for choosing conferences, whether you go to the same one every year or a different one. My own approach has been to rely on MPOW which usually sends me to one of the majors each year (usually VALA or Information Online) and occasionally other conferences such as LIANZA (twice) and NSW Public Libraries (twice I think). Plus if there’s one I really want to attend or prefer to attend as a delegate (with my librarian hat on instead of my vendor one), I’ll pay my own way. Sometimes work sends me to ones I really want to go to too, as per LIANZA last year. Having started the year with two good conferences, I’m hoping there’s one more in the wings but no idea as yet.

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