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Been a hectic few weeks, just realised I have yet to post a best of filmfest list, organising trips and generally working hard…honest. It was with some concern I read recently of helicopters being required for a snail muster; that is until I realised there are some rather large ancestors in the closet. I’ve recently finished Gingerich’s “The Book That Nobody Read” and thought it was pretty good, will try and will write a paragraph or two eventually. Similarly I have a post in my head on why I don’t feel at home on facebook, admittedly this is from one of the ideas for my 2.0 paper…should I ever get round to writing it. One of the fascinating things about the Gingerich book is that reveals a sense of how libraries and academics can interact. More on that in another post. The Bob Carr book is going well and I’ve started “People of the Book”. Just arrived are a few more books from Amazon including a couple on libraries and library history…well ok, of the 5 that probably sums up 4 of them.

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