of words and such

I’ve noticed mentions here and there, that Oxford have made freely available, the Australian National Dictionary. As far as I can tell it’s the fulltext of the 1988 edition. I think I have a copy of the print somewhere…it’s hard to say exactly where as almost all of my books are in boxes. One day they will be free again. In the meantime, I seem to be accumulating new additions to my library at a rapid rate. Perhaps having books around me provides a certain degree of comfort; interestingly, and happily, I continue to read at a decent rate.

Albeit a quick read, I just raced through Paul Auster’s Travels in the Scriptorium, which I found a little ho hum and reminiscent of some Golden Age science fiction. Though at the same time I enjoyed his writing and would be interested in his other offerings. This particular one may have been less annoying as a short story rather than a 140 odd page novella. I had been anticipating the new Dessaix, and an interview with Dessaix on the weekend only served to increase my desire. I bought it the following day and the initial pages read well. Just wanted to polish off the Auster before I got stuck into Arabesques properly. I will eventually get round to blogging about the books I bought on my recent trip; I bought a few too many and came perilously close to my luggage limits. In other news of words, the government has been urged to assist in the preservation of indigenous languages.

3 thoughts on “of words and such

  1. TRAVELS IN THE SCRIPTORIUM was not primo Auster–it was self-indulgent and, as you say, quite dull. But he redeemed himself with BROOKLYN FOLLIES and now I hear he has a new one out. But for me, the best Auster was his novel IN THE COUNTRY OF LAST THINGS and his collection of essays THE ART OF HUNGER. Those are indispensable…

  2. thank ye both, criticism aside I did like the writing itself. I read a review of his new one which sounded interesting and picked up the hardcover of Scriptorium cheap last week. Next one to try, which is also short, will be the new one, Man in the Dark, then I’ll try the New York Trilogy.

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