oh my oh my

While catching up on other blogs, I came across a mention of a lovely, lovely personal library. I have just asked my boss for a big pay rise so that I can build my own version. This is the obvious answer to my book storage woes. It’s very hard to find a new house when you can only afford tiny places yet both my partner and I have several thousand books. As per the last post, book accumulation is unlikely to abate…ever. I need a library bulding of my very own…hmmm and a budget to purchase some of the items I’d like to add to the collection.

4 thoughts on “oh my oh my

  1. I don’t actually know at the moment. I have managed to weed 9 boxes worth though I keep buying at an alarming rate. I’d be guessing a couple of thousand. I still have 3,000 of dad’s though they’ll either go to a secondhand shop or book fair. My partner has a few thousand too :-)

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