fetish; words.

Words and books and texture. Something of a fetish have I. While I have decided against the OED for now (finding a place to live seems preferable for the moment), I have occasionally indulged, in recent weeks, in my passion for nice books. I have at last, embarked on a proper reading of The Sandman in a lovely faux leather, hardcover edition (made possible by Amazon’s large discount). I am part way through and have found pleasure reading such a nice tale in such a nice edition. To be followed by Watchmen. Both Sandman and Watchmen are things I should have read long, long ago. My lack of reading was not for wont of availability; afterall I knew folk who were buying the individual comics of Sandman as they appeared. Oh well, I am reading it now and I read other things then.

Then there are the words themselves. I have found, though have yet to purchase, a full copy of “A Dictionary of the English Language” edited by Samuel Johnson. It is admittedly, on CDROM, and ultimately I would like a physical copy one day. Also on CDROM from the same publisher is “De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium” by Copernicus. Just recently, I dipped into one of my favourite blogs, which I’ve not read in a while, to find discussion of a new book by OUP entitled “The Oxford History of English Lexicography” by AP Cowrie. A mighty work on the history of English. From the points raised and quoted in Hat’s initial comments, it sounds fantastic. And delightful. And intriguing. Though at US$350 I think it’s an unlikely purchase for now. Perhaps when the exchange rate improves or Amazon heavily discounts. While it is cheaper from UK sources, as often seems the case at the moment, it is not sufficiently cheaper.

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