a continuance

Life improves. I seem to have snapped out of the depressive state I was in. It feels literally, like a snap; the world is viewed entirely differently. I now see things and possibilities I couldn’t see before. As I said in a recent conversation, I am on the right path and the step is firmer…however there is much yet to travel.

Good news: I got the flat I wanted at auction. My sister assures me it was an intense and nailbiting experience. For me, I seemed to become cooler the tighter it got, I was in the zone. I got it for a few thousand more than desired but within comfortable limits. It is a warehouse conversion, walking distance to my usual cafe. I can’t move in til September but it already feels like my space. I have a sense of it in my head and how certain things will be arranged, where the bookcases will go, the coffee table, the glass fronted rosewood cabinet. Of course the coffee table. All will fit. My books will escape their captivity of cardboard. 15 foot ceilings await.

Film: Sydney filmfest this year was half the length and somewhat lacklustre. One late chilly evening, the foyer was shut for a private party (prior to a Vogue documentary), and the masses had to queue in the cold for 3/4 of an hour, waiting for the party to finish. The film started very late that night. That happened a couple of times. The festival alas is struggling with more and more emphasis on chasing the dollar. it is becoming less and less a festival for film lovers. Perhaps this is a necessary evolution and perhaps too, I am turning into an old fogey. I had to skip the first night of my subscription series for the auction – which meant I had to get the flat in order to justify missing films. I still managed to see 28 films in 10 days. A week and a bit rather than 2 solid weeks. I haven’t done an assessment yet and there were a few good ones.

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