in motion

I arrived back in Sydneytown 2 weeks ago. I had the keys to my new home by the following Sat and I have booked a truck to move my stuff in on Friday. I may actually have too many bookshelves, my own plus all of dad’s. The new place can handle all my stuff but I suspect I won’t move in all the bookcases – maybe 7 or 8, or even 9; one big one will go at the back of my secure parking spot. With it my chest of drawers as I have a walk-in wardrobe with drawers on one side and shelves on the other. Luxury! My plans to convert the ensuite to a cellar have been foiled as it’s a bloody good shower and of decent size. Whereas the guest shower is a bath/shower combo. A good shower is to die for and this is hotel quality at that. Actually, the place feels a little like a decent hotel at the moment. That will change when I move in properly. It will never be as clean again. My new fridge and washing machine arrived last week and I got good deals on both.

I am back at work – a month off has made a massive difference. I feel refreshed. I’m enjoying work again. It helps that after a couple of years of double handling they finally got rid of one of the two systems I had to manually keep in sync. It has removed a tripping point from my work flow and has meant I can start to think again…think of what new things I can do. Where else I can take my job, what fun can I have? :-)

I continue to travel, and still need to write up my experiences of IFLA Milan 2009, as I plan to visit Melbourne in the next few weeks in order to catch up with friends and with Dali. I’m also planning to make it to Perth at long, long last. That will probably be between Boxing Day and early January. Hopefully the wineries will be open. Nothing planned but look forward to hanging out and catching up with friends. Next year hmmm…there’s an eclipse of the sun and the best viewing spot is Easter Island. It has sufficient peculiarity as to be attractive – possibly combined with a short trip of highlights in Sth America.

I’m no longer at rest.

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