finished: lovesong

Lovesong by Alex Miller [9781742372723]

Very accessible. It sucked me in immediately and proved to be a quick read. A reflective novel, full of love and life and understanding. I felt for each of the characters and mostly for the author and his sense of separation. It was so easy to turn page after page, caught up as I was in the telling of the main story, yet so too, I was hungry for detail on the outer lives.

I bought this on Monday and here we are on Wednesday, and it is finished. 350 pages. I found the writing light but deft, the story propelled along easily; it had me quickly and I had no interest in letting go til it was done.

2 thoughts on “finished: lovesong

  1. That’s just frighteningly fast: even during the holidays I can’t get through books that quickly!

    Or maybe I’m reading the wrong books.

    And too many RSS feeds.

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