finished: jesus wants me for a sunbeam

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam by Peter Goldsworthy [9780732267452]

A novella (approx: 70 pages), published alone. Somewhat so, as it has been fleshed out with notes and additional, related bits by the author including an essay. I just read the novella as I’ve wanted to read it for a long time; now having read it, I suspect I have read it previously :-)

It ticks along, with a tale of an inward looking family and touches on themes of mortality and sacrifice; in some respects it seemed to follow on well from Miller’s Lovesong, for they both are about love. It’s also a book that holds up well to re-reading: its themes and writing don’t dull the re-telling. The author himself comments that every time he re-reads it, there’s something new there for him.

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