finished: the year we seized the day

The Year We Seized the Day by Elizabeth Best & Colin Bowles [9781742372952]

Yet another book on making the pilgrimage to Santiago. But this one was really good and pretty much what I was hoping for. Written by two aussie authors, it’s the story of their walk along the 800km of the Camino to Santiago and beyond. At times laconic, and sad, and full of hope, and pain and definitely suffering. The feet really take a beating. But mostly it captures that sense of being in the bubble, where the rest of the world disappears and you are left to face the stuff in your head.

The story is told from the perspective of each author, alternating back and forth between views. I started and just wanted to read and read. The writing was honest and occasionally raw, yet bubbling with good humour. I read a review in the travel section of last week’s SMH over breakfast. I bought it on the way home and have since devoured it over several sittings.

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