new apple thing

Like many folk I have been waiting a long, long time for whatever the new Apple thang is likely to be. I had hoped something would have been released last year so that I could pass on my XP based ASUS Eee 901 to my mother. It is likely that Apple will finally release a “device” of some sort next week.

I’ve been thinking recently about what I originally wanted and the changes that having been going on since. A year ago I really wanted Apple to produce a 9 inch version of the Macbook Air. I think that’s still what I want, though a tablet version would be nice too. Plus I want it to weigh under a kilo: 6-700g would be fine; if Sony can get the VAIO down to 700g then it should be doable for Apple.

If it handles e-ink, or is almost as good as e-ink, so much the better. The screen as a tablet is also fine so long as there’s a good keyboard. As for ereaders themselves, I’m still in wait and see mode. Dedicated readers are still far too expensive and I don’t think, for me, that they’ll reach a “must rush out and buy” point until they’re under $100. With that said, I really want one; I particularly want an ereader for trips away, when lugging heavy books around can be painful.

I’m in the mood for a new gadget but it has to be the gadget that suits me.

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