finished: dead until dark

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris [9780575089365]

A friend recommended this series many years ago, and like so many things (Gaimain’s Sandman being another – halfway on that)  I never quite got round to reading them. Now of course, there’s the TV series True Blood based on these books. I finally picked up the 8 book box set the other day as it means each book costs me just over $10. I’m spending the next two weeks away conferencing: one internal followed by VALA, and need books to read that weren’t too heavy, either physically or mentally.

Having just finished the above title, started yesterday, I am happy to say that my purchase was a good one. It’s an easy read, and sucked me straight in, so to speak [not an intentional pun, bad though it is]. I’ve seen the first 6 episodes of the tv series and the book feels different and progresses in an alternate manner. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have any of the excesses of Hamilton’s Anita Blake series which I eventually gave up on.

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