finished: sookie stackhouse #3-9

All By Charlaine Harris:

  • Club Dead
  • Dead To The World
  • Dead As A Doornail
  • Definitely Dead
  • All Together Dead
  • From Dead to Worse
  • Dead and Gone

Anticipating the February would be a long, hard month, the first half of which was in Melbourne; I bought the 8 book box of Sookie Stackhouse ie the True Blood series that has recently been turned into a TV show. Having given up on the Anita Blake series, which had gotten too longwinded, I’ve been looking out for something new in a similar genre. This series worked. Each book was around 300 pages, none really got over the top, not too heavy, with a good story in each and a bit of romance to boot. Perfect reading for a hot, exhausting summer. Especially good when I was in conference mode in the first half of February. I bought the 9th book and demolished it quickly, meaning I am now up to date and can relax into reading other books. The short to-be-read pile (as opposed to the big to-be-read bookcase) currently contains Atwood’s Surfacing and Reilly’s Area 7, amongst others.

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