delay upon delay and the vagaries of sleep

Been a longish gap since I last blogged, though I will try to rectify that shortly. No news to announce, nor reason why. Simply that I have not had the mood to blog though I have had ideas that I never quite manage to flesh out. I have a couple of bookish posts to add (content collected), perhaps conferencing stuff and travel plans for the months ahead. Much travel ahead including a couple of trips overseas.

The biggest news that has continued to baffle is that I accidentally became a morning person a few weeks ago. Utter oddness. Not to mention scaring the daylights out of everyone who knows me. Being awake, alert and engaging at 7am, not to mention 6am is bloody disturbing. I seem to be waking up around 5am most days. I then lie in bed in mortal fear, waiting a couple of hours for a respectable time to arrive to get out of bed. I’m sure that as this continues I will learn there are things I can actually do in those morning hours; I have a lifetime of mad dashes, zombie drives, and ingrained habits to overcome.

I no longer need coffee to wake up.


I think this may even be healthy. I no longer seem to be spending a chunk of the day in zombie mode. I am going to bed earlier too though I can still do the late nights (in bed after 2am this morning, up at 6am, in the office by 7.30am – In Melb and office is a block away); mostly I’m going to bed around 11pm or earlier. Whereas it used to be 12.30am/1am+. Actually, the “going to bed” earlier does mean that I have less hours in the evening and I’ve not read as much of late. Mostly I’m confused. Transitioning. I will need to work out new habits, and approaches. That can’t be a bad thing.

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