a post a day

It’s June. I managed two posts in May, both on the same day. Various folk around the traps have decided to respond to a challenge to blog every day during the month of June. I do have a post simmering, or at least a kindle review, and I have notes in files and bits and pieces, here and there. June would cover Sydney Filmfest too and it’s been a few years since I posted daily summaries so that may be doable, even happily so. Mostly I’m curious as to whether I can maintain the pace and if it contributes to my muse going off in new directions ie thinking with a bloggish sensibility, rather than thinking of things to blog.

4 thoughts on “a post a day

  1. No time like the present!

    Posts dont have to be super long, after all. And I bet you will find things to blog about.

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