Here I am, home late once more and desperate to sleep. Yet I type up an entry for #blogeverydayofjune. Some have commented that they’re reading more blogs than ever before, whereas I seem to be barely keeping up. Been a very busy week, both in and out of the office. And now filmfest too. An odd side effect is that I now have two draft blog posts in progress; normally I have no drafts at all – I publish regardless of whether the muse is with me or against. Yet I seem to have more thoughts to add, though I start the day blankly.

There are posts by other people on which I start to comment, then find my comment rapidly turning into a space of its own – “save that thought” I say – and so I do. They may produce other thoughts later in the month, when my mind retains its morning blankness. Or perhaps, like carrying an umbrella on an overcast day, they may guard against the rain…ooh bad metaphor…umbrella and rain vs ideas and drought. Oops. On the other hand, if I store everything in draft, then nothing is ever said.

Blech, turgid once more.

Filmfest has concluded for another evening; a few more familiar faces appeared and the old gang is reformed once again. I have not done a count, but I think this is my 17th or 18th consecutive filmfest – we gather for a couple of weeks in June each year. Rarely to be seen in the intervening period. I am conscious that I am missing out on good films by retaining my subscription; choosing not to go for a a set of flexi tickets ie choosing what I want rather than having my choice made for me.

It’s nice to watch films with friends.

After so many years, they are all friends in one way or another. Filmfest now, is as much about the company as the view. Stephen who sits behind me, next to Greg, Pat who sits behind Stephen. I used to sit behind Pat but I moved and I like my new spot. Jason has moved up and now sits in my old seat behind Pat. There’s a spare seat, then a brother and sister. Next to Pat sits Denise. There’s a few other names there as well and some names that are no longer there. The company is warm and convivial and has crept up on me over the years. It’s what I look forward to most.

Two films tonight. The first was by Todd Solondz, Life During Wartime, as per the blurb, it revisits some of the characters from his earlier film Happiness. Regrettably I fixated on the Happiness connection and spent the movie trying to remember the history – what went before. For me, the new one felt a little disjointed and I suspect this is one time that perhaps reading the blurb worked against me. The usual humour was there, though it felt a little “been there before” sort of. With that said, it did develop well, and sauntered along finishing at a good spot. I feel I need to watch it again, and I may need to watch Happiness first, if only to get the hazy memory out of my head. It doesn’t have quite the darkness that Happiness had – and there is a sense of needing to move on from it.

The second flick was a new Oz flick called Red Hill, directed by Patrick Hughes. A modern day western set in a small country town in the Victorian Highlands. Mostly by the numbers but not unpleasantly so, though it did get a little silly in parts. It went a bit slow here and there but mostly carried through. Shot well, with some nice visuals though for the most part predictable. A couple of nice twists and a bit more character than I’d otherwise anticipated. It’s just been picked up by Sony Australia and will appear on the cinema circuit late October.

3 thoughts on “company

  1. I only caught the first hour of Life During Wartime, the late start meant I had to leave to get to George Street for another film. Your “been there before” comment is spot on. It seemed to be trying way too hard to shock (the elbow conversation with the boy) but failed utterly because it was so obvious. Happiness felt unsettling because I never knew quite how I was supposed to react, whereas LDW was playing to expectations.

  2. Thanks for the SFF reviews & please keep them coming! I’m off to The Tree (I think) and then Nosferatu tonight. May post about them tomorrow. Basically, it is that or the flood in my spare bedroom after the biblical torrent yesterday.

  3. Tom: yeah, there was an inevitable air of predictability to it alas. And you own comment “playing to expectations” nails it I think.

    Mal: I’m seeing The Tree tonight too :-) I have not seen Nosferatu, and the Opera House would be an awesome to see it. I shall however, remain in the State for most screenings. However, I need to get a ticket to the Guy Maddin on Sunday week, also at the Opera House.

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