a film meme

Ok, it was suggested I add a film meme so why not I say. Off we go:

How many films do you see a year at the cinema? Hmmm…I used to average around 120 or so, but these days it’s probably closer to 50 with the bulk seen during filmfest. Haven’t quite regained my former enthusiasm.

What’s your favourite film(s)? Growing up, that was The Great Escape…or The Sound of Music…or hmmm…these days I’m not sure anymore. I remain very fond of Love Actually and 4 Weddings and a Funeral, not to mention The Princess Bride and Blade Runner.

Who is your favourite director? It used to be Tim Burton, but I have not been as happy with him of late. Possibly Guy Maddin as he continues to impress and intrigue. Peter Jackson rates highly too, though more for his early films such as Bad Taste and Braindead.

How do see most movies (eg tv, cinema, download, dvd)? cinema and DVD.

Do you think 3D movies will be a fad…again? Yep.

What film do you hate the most? Zoolander…and most things starring Adam Sandler.

Do you have a guilty pleasure? 50 First Dates…which stars Adam Sandler.

Who is your favourite film reviewer? Paul Byrnes. He writes occasional reviews for the SMH and used to be the director of the Sydney Film Festival (and was director for my first several years of attendance). He’s humble and interesting and is able to write a review such that even if he doesn’t like it, I can still get a sense of whether I might like it.

How many times have you seen The Sound of Music? I don’t think I’m in triple figures yet but I wouldn’t be far off. I even saw it twice in the hostel in Austria, from where I also did The Sound of Music tour.

Name a film, or films, you’ve seen multiple times? The Sound of Music, The Great Escape, Hackers, Sneakers, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Grosse Point Blank, While You Were Sleeping, Love Actually, Sleepless in Seattle, Point Break, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Princess Bride – I think it’s pretty obvious why I need to go to Film Festivals…I need balance :-)

Have you ever yelled comments at the screen in a cinema? (…did people laugh?) Hell yeah! Film commenting is a fine art and I honed my skills with the best of them. I used to travel down to Melbourne several times a year for the 24 hour SF movie marathon – it was a competition to see who’s comment could get the best reaction. Interestingly, everyone remained silent through Blade Runner; it was sacrosanct – either that or everyone was asleep. Woe betide, as happened one time, if trekkies turned up…in uniform. We showed them no mercy!

4 thoughts on “a film meme

  1. Aaaah Sound of Music. Must rally my sisters for another marathon with it. Will banish my hubster as he will just roll his eyes and sigh long sufferingly if he’s made to watch it again ;P

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  3. I can’t do this meme. I think I watch, like, 6 films a year or something.

    I have seen The Sound of Music though, of course, and can sing all the songs, I think. (well if you can call it singing…) My favourite song would be So long, Farewell (I think Auf wiedersehen was the first German phrase I learned).

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