There are some interesting conversations going on among other participants in the #blogeverydayofjune challenge, some of which I’ve started to write responses to. I sort of suspect that by the time I get round to posting on such (ie after filmfest) that the conversation will have moved on. The good thing is, I can add to the future conversations, and save such posts for a later time.

I’m a bit staggered really, over just how much this has taken off, how engaging it’s been. As Morgan commented in his lint summary “Sometimes more is more.” I’m staggered both by the quality of conversation, and by the sheer number of participants. I recall several years ago, when Libraries Interact got underway, there were so few people in the ANZ Biblioblogosphere. Now, the scene has exploded; there’s lots and lots of people, and it is fantastic. I feel part of a larger group, rather than an isolated voice. At the same time, it’s no longer possible, or easily possible, to keep up with all ANZ blogs, whereas in the old days, it was rather quick :-) ANZ has a healthy, vibrant, engaging community in the biblioblogosphere.

2 thoughts on “community

  1. The NZ scene is improving though…it wasn’t that long ago that I could count all the Oz lib-bloggers on one hand. Oh wait, that might have been 6+ years ago, which is actually a longish time I guess. Timothy Grieg was the first NZ blogger I came across a few years ago.

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