Oops – this is the post I was going to write on the last one and instead took a casual detour…oh look, shiny! I figured I wanted to be current with at least one of the memes going round. The book meme will take a while to respond to and I don’t watch TV, but I think I can handle Ghylene’s travel meme right now, though I can’t help modifying it slightly :-)

What “City, Country” do you live in? Sydney, Australia

What was the last country you visited other than your own (or that you want to if you haven’t been out of your country)? Great Britain

What is your favourite kind of trip (i.e. camping, laying on the beach, cruise, etc.)? Backpacking and making it up as I go.

What is the farthest location south that you have gone? Melbourne, Australia Dunedin, New Zealand

What is the farthest location north that you have gone? Jyvaskyla, Finland

What is your preferred mode of transportation when traveling long distances? Hmmm…this sounds like a Northern Hemisphere sort of question. As an aussie, long distance means 20+ hours on a plane. I think plane is generally my best answer for this one. I did a two day cruise through the Three Gorges in China and while it was fun to sit on the deck and watch the world pass slowly by, it’s not really my cup of tea.

What kind of vehicle do you own (or would like to own)? Peugeot 206 – a cute, little hatchback…well it is french :-)

What is your ideal destination? Part of me wants to say a nice cafe with a good view to while away the day. Part of me wants to say some remote wilderness away from people. I suspect it’s more the former than the latter, but I do love the bush.

Who is your favourite travel companion? That’s a hard one – I travel ok with some though tend to travel mostly on my own. Yet when I travel alone, I miss having friends to share it with. I like trips where I spend some time travelling with friends and some time alone.

What is the largest city you have visited? Shanghai.

What destination would you recommend to a friend? Ooh, that’s a hard one too. Scotland, France (both Paris and the region), Bruges (for the chocolate and the frites and the beer and just that beautiful old town). New Zealand of course, Melbourne and I’ve always been fond of Adelaide too.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Edinburgh, Scotland followed by Wellington, New Zealand.

7 thoughts on “traversal

  1. I liked Finland though it was wet and overcast, pretty much the whole time I was there. I did get to have reindeer pasta too :-) It’s always about the bragging opportunities. Still got a big list of places I want to visit too.

  2. Much to my shame, I’ve just realised that I’d forgotten that NZ is to the SE of Oz. Consequently, the southern most place I’ve been is Dunedin…I think. I don’t think I’ve been to Invercargill.

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