Been that sort of day really but now I am eating chocolate. Got all the urgent “end of financial year do or die this is it blah blah blah” stuff done and a few other things and sort of started to work like a regular human. My regular help desk stuff has suffered but I should clear all the older stuff on Thursday. And of course, new hard bits are piling up already. My plan had been to write a massive post on my history with interactive online stuff dating back to my 80s exposure…that sounds sort of wrong but is actually really right. That post is still in draft and needs lots more work and ties into talk of identity and stuff and possibly even the origins of my nickname. Hmmm…based on my posting effort for #blogeverydayofjune, I suspect that may well be book length but we shall see. I don’t feel comfortable doing a summary of the month nor experience either…that should wait til the next post. Like Con, the muse is failing me this evening and I do have drafts prepared for such emergencies but I have no oomph.

I did have a lovely evening winding down while attending the monthly “Library Folk in the Pub” (LFIP) gathering. The attendees tend to be a mix of public libraries and specials. It’s a nice, warm crowd and I’ve been going for years. Originally organised by a friend several years ago, I sort of stopped for a while having done the conference committee thang, and needed a break. I can’t believe that conference was 4 years ago. Anyway LFIP is a different beast these days with different folk and different conversations. It went through a very quiet phase but these days, it seems to hit double figures most times. A nice, friendly bunch that constitutes my regular face to face contact with the folk in my profession. Twitter provides day to day contact with a varied group of folk, but it’s great to have face time too. Interesting, most of the folk I know through LFIP, I communicate with via facebook but, with one or two exceptions, don;’t see in the twitter space…and perhaps vice versa too. Different spaces for different types of people, but all spaces valid as a point for gathering.

3 thoughts on “company

  1. I see all the LFIP notices for Melbourne and Sydney and sigh longingly, wish we had this sort of thing in Brisbane!
    (Yes I know I could go ahead and organize it if I want it – it’s on my new financial year’s resolution list. Again)

  2. Or scream at @nomesd to organise something instead :-) In Sydney, it’s done through ALIA Sydney though it’s previously been run by the mentoring group and NewGrad folk. Sometimes in the old days, I’d just an email out to folk and say “hi, I’m going to be a that pub at this time, anyone want to join me?” – that simple. Sometimes in Sydney we have speakers and sometimes we just sit around and chat.

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