I seem to have hit something of a block. It tends to be the case that if I have a couple of tasks that need doing, they end up becoming bottlenecks for just about everything…the result of course is that nothing gets done. I s’pose the big one in my head, which I’ve been putting off for years, is getting rid of dad’s books. There’s about 3,000 or so of them, all in boxes. I really need to move them in the next week or so. It’s been hard to make the call though. I have kept a couple hundred for myself but can’t quite bring myself to call secondhand bookshops/bookfairs to get rid of the rest. Partly, I tend to get quite nervous/shy about making phonecalls, and partly it’s a big chunk of dad. I need to get rid of them but it’s hard to take the final action.

Speaking of phonecalls, I have a few of those building up now, not least getting the lightbulb fixed in my study/computer room. It’s a strange bulb setup I’ve never seen before nor can I work it out. All I need to do is call a sparky and I’ve been putting that off too. I did at least manage to call Telstra and get a landline connected to my flat for the first time. I needed a landline in order to get an ADSL connection. I’m getting a Naked ADSL connection  which means the phone will be disconnected once the ADSL is established. Now I’m just waiting for Telstra to send me the account number so I can give it to my ISP. I s’pose I could call Telstra to ask for it but I’ve not been keen on that either.

As a consequence of things like these, other things don’t get done – like blogging, or organising, or just the day to day. Yet, when I’m work mode I get lots done…which is probably a good thing. I just wish I could get the work mode to work for home mode.

Other things I need to include writing up a report of the ALIA Library Camp I co-convened in Brissie in September, plus the Library Camp I attended in Perth a few weeks ago. I daresay I still have more things to write on ebooks, good and bad.

I’ll get there

7 thoughts on “astray

  1. I know exactly what you mean – I also tend to procrastinate on personal tasks (maybe because I’m not getting paid?!). My partner and I did a flurry of renovations and repairs prior to our recent move, and wondered why on earth it had taken us so long to do those simple things (i.e. call a tradesperson in most cases).

    I also sympathise regarding your Dad’s book collection. My sisters and I went through my Dad’s similar-sized book collection earlier this year. Choosing what to keep is relatively easy, but deciding how to dispose of the rest is really hard.

  2. Yep, yep, yep. I’m always astonished that simple tasks take the longest for me to get around to doing…

    I’m dreading my dad’s LP collection, including some quite rare 78s…….

  3. Okay, I’ve had a slight breakthrough and have finally rung an electrician – he in turn told me to email him FTW! So, just sent an email outlining the issues with contact details. Such a relief, been meaning to do it for weeks.

  4. Oh boy – I’m dreading that aspect of things when my Dad goes. He has a huge book collection.

  5. Thank you Snail for making me realise I am not alone. I too hate making phonecalls. I was glad I was able to organise most of the things I had to do for the wedding by email.
    Also I have been putting off lots of things that I need to do at home as well. I did give myself the “I need to study” excuse my uni semester has been over for a month now and nothing has got done yet.

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