back to the bush

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I was planning to do some tramping in NZ at the end of the year. Now it is the end of the year and said tramp is a week and a half away. Needless to say, I am rather nervous and occasionally paranoid. I am scared of being lost in the bush, or spending nights stuck in places I really shouldn’t be.

I have chosen one of NZ’s Great Trails, in this instance Routeburn, near Queenstown. Some of the attraction with the Great Trails is that they are well marked and you get to stay each night in a bunkhouse. For Routeburn, I’ll spend around 6 or so hours each day on the trail based on the detailed track estimates (provided by the NZ Dept of Conservation). At this time of year there are plenty of hours of daylight so 6 is easily achievable. I have consulted widely and friends in NZ assure me that it’s so well marked I won’t need a compass though of course I will have map/compass with me regardless. It turns out some local friends have also done it and they too reassured me. It’s a 3 day hike and you have to book beds in the bunkhouse. I have made the appropriate bookings.

All is ready to go.

I shall remain nervous until it is done. This is about me easing myself back into outdoor activities, in a relatively safe way. This time I won’t be going off the beaten track, nor abseiling in the middle of the wilderness. It’s all about reacquainting myself with the bush and the outdoors, in a way that hopefully won’t end in disaster.

I’ll be doing it solo too. If it goes ok, I hope to pop over to NZ occasionally and complete more of the Great Trails.

4 thoughts on “back to the bush

  1. sounds like fun. don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be fine. take warm clothes in case you’re out later than you thought. & water & energy snacks (good excuse for chocolate).

  2. You’ll be sweet. Layers are good for variety of weather possibilities. One day I’d like to do the Milford track and the Great Crossing across the volcanic plateau but the kids need to be older before we attempt it.

  3. Thank ye all – having had a trip go badly wrong previously, I’m keen for this one to turn out ok and I think I’ve chosen well.

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