Been a few days since I finished the last book and I haven’t quite got round to starting the next book. I s’pose if I just launched into whatever book was handy I’d probably read a lot more books.

I tend however, to procrastinate.

Umming and ahhing over what to read next. What book am I in the mood for now…to some extent I need the distraction of shiny to move me forward. I can waste days and weeks in this mode: nothing read, nothing done. The next book needs to feel right otherwise I struggle. I don’t seem to be able to read and read…it needs to gel in my head. Though I’ve just read, in rapid succession, the first two Vorkosigan novels, it doesn’t seem right to keep going with the series right now, though I’ve downloaded the next two to my kindle. Yet, this time last year, I read all 10 Sookie (True Blood) novels, one after the other, with but a few weeks from start to finish.

That felt right.

Looking at me from beside the computer, are nice editions of Mielville’s Kraken, Tsiolkas’ The Slap, and Winton’s Cloudstreet. Also tempting is the next book in Erikson’s Malazan, #7 I think, of 10. That however is a 1200 page marathon which requires lots of attention. It’s likely to be a satisfying read but not to be approached lightly. Comments and reviews suggest it is the best of the series. A friend this weekend has recommended Capella’s The Various Flavours of Coffee, and of course the decision now is whether to buy it in p or e.

Not to mention books I haven’t quite got round to finishing yet, interesting though they are: Hitchings’ Defining the World, Darnton’s The Case for Books, Masood’s Science & Islam. Then there other books I dip into from time to time, more short story oriented such as Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, Dowling’s Amberjack, Shearman’s love songs for the shy and cynical, Bradbury’s A Pleasure to Burn. Nor have I quite finished Gaiman’s Sandman series, and American Gods sits on the shelf waiting.

Days are a little cooler now with less humidity, mostly. That suggests reading p at least is less problematic.

If only I could choose.

3 thoughts on “gaps

  1. Hmmm…. that must mean I’m regressing further? Do I continue to ignore books purchased for Masters study (e-portfolios, reflective practice, personality/personality typing) and pick up the books that constitute my effort at rescuing A&R – John Marsden (Tomorrow when the war began series) or Gabrielle Lord (Conspiracy 365 series) ?


  2. I have no desire to save A&R. If they were still the Oz owned company of yesteryear, then yes, they’d be worth saving. But they’ve been foreign owned for several years now, with poor business practices to the boot. Their handling of small publishers a few years ago still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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