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A few weeks pass and more books arrive; such is the manner of my life. I popped into the office this week, first time in a couple of months. I had planned to pick up a couple of folders and some of the books I kept there; ended up clearing out my stuff completely. There is no need to return. Folk in the office, when they’re in the office at least, are going to be moving location in the next couple of months so it was good to to tidy up.

King of the Elves

King of the Elves

On my desk, waiting for me, was a book: it had probably sat there for a few weeks I guess. I think my book purchases are now going to my home but this one was a pre-order from last year, when I was still sending books to the office. This particular book was “The Complete Stories of Philip K Dick, Colume 1: The King of the Elves” – there will be 5 volumes in all, and I have volume 2 on pre-order. It’s a nice edition; bound in leather. I have scored no. 13 of 250. Even better, the publisher is keeping track of who has which numbers so volume 2 should also be no. 13; number consistency is a nice service I think. The volumes aren’t too expensive either, the first was a special of US$45 and the second is at the regular rate of US$60. Dick is one of my favourite authors, though I’ve not read his stuff in a long time. While I have several of his novels, I don’t have many of his short stories. There have been other collections in the past which I never got round to buying. I’m glad I’m making the effort this time.



I’ve recently started reading Winton’s Cloudstreet, though I’ve stalled on reading altogether this last week. There is actually little reason to continue buying books, with so many waiting to be read. Yet, I remain the captive of a certain compulsive tendency to acquire and collect. It used to be rather bad though I think I’ve managed to restrain it quite a bit in recent times. I’m now buying a lot less and less often for less money ie it’s been a while since I’ve bought an expensive book; the most expensive book I think I’ve bought this year is the pre-order for Dick Vol 2 and that was only US$60 (or about AUD$59.77 :-D). It is somewhat disheartening that I’m cutting back on book buying at a time when the exchange range is so bloody fantastic for overseas purchases from both the US and UK. Admittedly, there a few expensive books I desire but I am determined not to succumb. They shall remain nameless, lest someone else buys them leaving nought for me :-)

2 thoughts on “recent acquisitions

  1. Hi Snail – did you ever see and, if so, what did you think of Blade Runner & A Scanner Darkly movies? I liked them both a lot but only read the books within the last year.

    Loved Cloudstreet and all of Tim Winton’s work.

  2. Hi Graham, I saw Blade Runner but haven’t managed to see A Scanner Darkly yet. I regard Blade Runner as one of my favourite movies of all time. I missed it when it first came out so Dad bought me the book instead. Loved the book and then finally saw the movie when the director’s cut came out. Whilst having very little of the book, it still manage to capture the essence of what the book about, and asked the essential questions. I’ve seen both versions on the big screen and prefer the director’s cut; I also own the Blade Runner boxset that came out a few years ago.

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